Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pens

Fiction blurb from The Creepy Notebook.

(Photos within photo by Snap.)

She knew that things were ending long before they actually did, and so began a habit of taking stock.

She counted the pens in the basket on his kitchen counter that collected batteries, keys to locks long-forgotten, bottle openers, and rubber bands. There were four pens in the basket.

Later, after he told her that she deserved to be with someone who wanted to marry her, she would remember that there had been four pens in the basket. She would always have this little link to his life- knowing that four pens resided in the basket on the countertop in his kitchen.

She panicked at the thought that he might, one day, remove one of the pens or add another. This would mean that she would no longer be a part of his life, because she would have no way of knowing how many pens were currently in the basket, and she would have no way of finding out.


Lee said...

I believe I've had the privilege of reading those lines before and I've always quite liked them.

Jamie said...

YOU'RE BAAAACK! I. Love. This.