Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silver Lining On The Snow Cloud of Doom

Things That Are Good About The Snow:
1. Weird sense of vacation that allows for copious daytime drinking, socializing, and a sort of free-for-all feeling that releases most people from the rat race/drudgery/constant list of obligations. Priorities are narrowed to: food, drinks, warmth, entertainment. Nothing else seems all that important.
2. It's incredible how different everything looks, how alien. Lumps of white transform familiar streets and backyards to lunar landscapes. The familiar becomes subverted, twisted, and cause for inspection.
3. The "village" aspect. Yesterday I traded a cup of milk for some flour with a neighbor. Someone shoveled our walk for us and salted it as well. I get texts from friends who have to venture across town and ask if anyone needs a ride anywhere. We are suddenly a community in a way we never have been, having to rely on one another.
4. Time with friends. We've had houseguests/refugees since Thursday last. Food, drinks, DVDs, books are shared. Laundry is done in communal loads. Movies watched, inside jokes formed, and our living room has been transformed into one giant bedroom.
5. An opportunity to do things differently. To break up the normal routine, to find ways to entertain ourselves and each other. Even going outside requires equipment, protection. There's an element of fun, of adventure.

Things That Are Bad About The Snow:
1. Can't put the trash out.
2. Can't go anywhere outside of a six block radius.
4. Haven't had a day off since........................................
5. Cold. Wet. Cold. Wet.
6. Junk food.
7. Constant worry that we'll lose power.
8. Is it spring yet?

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OM said...

After the first storm, the whole block worked on cars together, moving from one car to the next. It was beautiful.

But today, after the second blizzard, people have lost that sense of village a bit... I mean, that second one really tested us.