Friday, April 8, 2011

Vegas Update

It's rainy and cold and disgusting. I have 2 work days left before vacation after today. Also, it's Friday.

The emails fluttering back and forth on the Vegas chain have started to include words like "Pussy Cat Dolls," and "Kardashian." No one has specified which Kardashian, but I hope to God it's a drunk one. Or- even better- a Bruce Jenner. Remember the episode where he "goes out" with his "boys?" In his corner, however, is the fact that no one can tell when he's completely Wasteface because his facial features still don't change due to the massive amounts of plastic surgery he's had done. He makes Joan Rivers look like Mother Earth.

I digress.

In short- I am ready for VACATION. As in...brain-wants-to-check-out-ready.

I don't want to write a memo. I want to fantasize about eating lobster at a brunch buffet with Bruce Jenner and knowing I can make fun of him without fear of facing retribution because he pretty much never knows what's going on anyway.

Sigh....less than a week.

Also, my friend and I are on the same flight going out and coming back and we have a layover on the way there in Salt Lake. We are already taking bets on whether or not we can become Sister Wives in the 55 minutes between flights.

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