Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So, That Was January

Taking a brief break from further documentation of the Jordan trip to discuss a few key points:

  • My sinus infection is finally gone. I know you're excited for me. This was the worst affliction I think I have had in years, and my ears are still popping in ways that are mysterious. I have not yet braved the pool at the gym, fearing more liquid in my head. This excludes the jacuzzi. Did I mention I joined the Designer Gym? I felt like a betrayer and a sell-out for about a minute and a half until I discovered the sauna and the steam showers. New Gym is definitely an upgrade in New Neighborhood. Which, I suppose, isn't "new" anymore now that I've been living here for over four months. That was a lot of information for one bullet point.

  • Now that Sinus Infection From Hell is finally gone, I am back in training for my next half marathon - the DC Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on March 17. Yes, St. Patrick's Day. Yes, it will be awesome. The Gentleman and I, along with Catalano and Mr. Catalano, shall be heading to DC to kick some more 13.1 miles ass. Hopefully. If I can get my ass back in gear after too much vacation and gross sickness.

  • I am officially weirded out by the weather. Last week I went running in shorts. In January. In Baltimore. Research tells me this is some freak of El Nino (is SPANISH for "THE NINO"). Everyone keeps pointing at global warming. I am a huge supporter of the global warming theory, but that happens a few degrees at a time. Not...suddenly 60 degrees in January in the Mid-Atlantic. This is something else. I should enjoy it, but mostly it makes me feel angry because I just really want a snow day and an excuse to wear my awesome new subzero Under Armour compression shirt for long outdoor runs. 

  • I am so totally on board with Game of Thrones now, I can't wait to read the books. I watched the entire first season in less than a week. And by that, I mean I was forced to watch the entire first season in less than a week because The Gentleman and his roommate insisted that I would love it as much as they do. This turned out to be true. It's so awesome.

  • Madonna's new song? No. Just...no.

  • I really, really, really miss Lee and Hot Curry. Good thing I can blog stalk them as they begin the swift decline into total hippiedom out in the Salt Lakes. I am so psyched to see them at their wedding in April. And, you know, psyched that they're getting married and all.
Coming soon: back to your regularly scheduled Jordanian updates. We're almost through with the awesomeness, I promise. Just in time for me to start getting ready for our trip to the Dominican Republic in May. Because sitting still is boring.

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