Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

My favorite holiday of the year, always, for two reasons:
1. The pool opened for the summer.
2. It was always either my birthday weekend or very nearly so.

I didn't have grand plans for this weekend beyond dinner at Cazbar last night with The Gentleman, Blondie, and her fiance. Which was awesome - I am now forever a fan of Turkish cuisine after Istanbul and Jordan, and also because Blondie and her fiance are as grossly irreverant as we are and thus perfect dining companions. We slipped a few dollar bills into the shimmering skirt of the belly dancer, drank sangria, ate kabaps of various animals, and disparaged at the sense of entitlement kids have these days. I anticipate having more such conversations after next week since 30 seems to sanction the right to refer to young adults as 'kids'; a privelege I intend to wield both powerfully and insultingly.

Other plans this weekend include blogging poolside on my phone (apparently, and at times like these, I'm endlessly glad I opted for the Evo Shift with the qwerty keyboard), grilling, reading, napping, swimming, more reading, and spending some time with my family. After the hectic crazy of April and most of May, I'm grateful for the quiet. And, I intend to spend most of this week celebrating the start of a new decade in life, so a weekend poolside prior seems appropriate.

Cheers to summer, Glitteratis!

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