Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adventures in Santa Fe

I was really, really excited to visit Santa Fe. 

I've heard nothing but good things about the city, and had visions of artists' enclaves, cow skulls, dried chili pepper decor, silver jewelry, and excellent margaritas dancing in my head.

Apparently my prior assumptions were quite accurate:

But, lest you think that it's all chili peppers and cow skulls, rest assured that it's much, MUCH more.



And....old ladies!

But it's not all indigenous, crafty artwork. There's the New Mexico Museum of Art which features contemporary art next to historic art. Like these columns outside of the museum:

The buildings have beautiful architecture as well. The beautiful Hotel Santa Fe has these internal glass-paned panels that separate off an atrium restaurant. The panes are all hand-painted with various designs and New Mexican motifs:

There are sculptures EVERYWHERE:

And, of course, hand-crafted goods such as this black cherry goat replica of Andre the Giant's boots.

For reference: my feet next to Andre the Giant's boots.
There are panels:

And colorful opinions:

And then there's Canyon Road

Canyon Road is a winding stretch of road in Santa Fe lined with hundreds of art galleries, boutiques, sculpture gardens, and restaurants. And, of course, twee adobe homes built in classic southwest fashion:

I made a friend.

We only had a limited amount of time in Santa Fe, and decided to make a quick trip to see the famous Santa Fe Opera House. I would LOVE. To go see an opera there. 

Typical New Mexican art on a highway overpass.

The crunchy in me is happy with this sign.

Not a bad view from the opera parking lot.
Unfortunately, we were there in the middle of the day on a Monday, and thus did not get to see the actual opera. We did see the fence:

and will-call....

and the parking lot.

Still - isn't it beautiful?!

And thus: Santa Fe in an afternoon. 

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