Friday, July 5, 2013

Jaunt's in India

My buddy Jaunt, who has been a part of this blog since like 2008, is teaching in India this summer and, of course, writing/photographing her experiences along the way. Jaunt is one of the best writers I know, so I'm terribly excited that she's blogging again.

Also, I just finished reading a very early version of my friend Kat's book, "I Think I'll Make It." It's fantastic. She's fantastic. You should check her out.

In other news, Bookclubjess requested an email sign-up thingy so that my new posts will be sent directly to your inbox, and because I think she's amazing and I have more than a little secret girl crush on her, behold my side-bar where you can enter in your email address. YOU'RE WELCOME.

In other news, just for fun, here's a pic of me and The Kid eating crawfish at Bluegrass. I love this picture. Mostly because we're both about five bourbons in and just LOVING THESE CRAWFISH.


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