Friday, May 28, 2010


Every year for my birthday and Christmas, Lee comes up with the most fan-freaking-tastic gift ever. Actually, he does this for all of his friends and family. He is an amazing gift giver, and every year he tops it. He chooses gifts that reflect your current state of life, he finds things that you didn't even know were important to you. Which I think is the very best kind of gift. For Christmas one year, he got me New Glitterati bumper stickers for this blog. For my birthday last year, he purchased the domain name for me.

And this year?

A gift certificate to Kiva! I get to take this gift and invest in a foreign entrepreneur in a developing country. Plus, as Lee says, " Now you can say you are all grown up and investing in foreign markets." But, even better, Lee knows how important social activism has become to me, and how my drive to help make the world a little bit better in every way I can has started to shape my life and help me make the decisions and choices I need to make. I am so grateful for his support in this vision with which I'm working to align myself.

Ah-may-zing. He gets it perfect every time.

28th birthday this weekend, and I'm headed off to the beach!

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