Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vegas of Intellect

Since it's been 2 years since I was working a 9-5, I somehow forgot that the Internet is a wholly fertile ground for so much useless crap.

I sort of ignored the blogosphere for awhile; excepting, of course, the blogs of my friends and friends of this website; and tuned out much of the "information" floating around that has absolutely no bearing in reality whatsoever, regardless of what might be claimed.

Not that I have much time at New Job to be trolling the Internet, but a few things have popped up here and there in my research that reminds me of the theory that the Internet is the Vegas of Intellect.

It's showy, poppy, glittery, sprinkled with buzz words and key phrases, intoxicating, and pretty much a complete and total show. Does anyone REALLY know what they're talking about? I'm excepting Huffington Post, NY Times, and other generally-respected sites (although not legitimately "news" on most fronts, they still check sources from time to time.) I more mean the sheer amount of OPINION that is circulating out there. And I am not referring to the numbers of opinions on certain topics, I mean the fact that there are so many damn topics upon which people are ready to plant opinion flags.

Certain things are important, yes. Go ahead, take a stand on the oil spill, on how the Euro might once hav destroyed the dollar, on Obama's performance, on health care, maybe even (MAYBE) on LiLo's recent (or soon to be) incarceration. But opionions on whether the original "Grease" is too suggestive? Or whether or not making out with your boss is appropriate? (If I were to proffer opinions on these, I might succinctly say: "Not nearly enough," and "Absolutely never," in that order. But I would leave it at that. No need to devote 1,500 words to it.

The Vegas of Intellect. The showiest, glitteriest, most sinful display of opinion. Fast and easy.

I could build on this metaphor a bit more right now but, well...I should probably reserve some of that energy for some other opinions that matter.

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