Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home for FoundCat

Happy FoundCat!

FoundCat has a home, thanks to....a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. According to Whack, this woman recently had to put her beloved older cat to sleep and viewed our finding of a cat some sort of cyclic karma.

It's an incredible relief to us to know that FoundCat has a home. While she's charmed us with her easy-going and affectionate personality, it just wasn't viable for us to keep her.

It amazes me, too, the power of networking. Our message probably reached close to 500 people, if I add up the numbers of friends, family, and co-workers in the Baltimore area who forwarded on our plea. We wound up with so many kind offers of temporary homes, shelter ideas, or forwards to other resources and "try this person- he/she might be looking for a pet!" Within just four days, we found a home for a cat abandoned in a bag in a grocery store parking lot.

This means that in 2010 I have returned someone's lost wallet, volunteered in New Orleans, helped TWO cats find homes (one, actually, was returned to its distressed owners after it got out, making for a lovely reunion), and made some other pretty worthy deposits in the bank of karma. Selfishly, of course, because human beings are by nature selfish creatures; I don't find too much fault with people who do-good because it makes them feel good.

Karma isn't an eye-to-eye transaction, I know. Carrying out these actions doesn't mean an exact exchange will be refunded to me at some point in time. But I do know, all too well, that attempting to make the world a little easier/nicer/prettier/gentler/friendlier place to live goes a long way towards coming back around to you when you need it most. There are two ways to approach this life: with the attitude that it's a series of crimes and punishments, or that help is always just around the corner in some way.

Anyway, our hearts are glad for FoundCat though we will be sad to see her go. Her little mew and friendly head-butts have become welcome parts of our day, although my own cats are a little jealous, I think.

Thank you to everyone who helped FoundCat, whether by offering love and support, admonishing the malicious actions that led to her being abandoned in the first place, and forwarding, forwarding, forwarding our desperate emails!

In other news- I just want to say that my friends rock. All of them. All in their own way. I've been feeling a lot of love lately, from a lot of different venues, and I feel a lot of gratitude for this. Recently they've all been going ridiculously above and beyond in the friend department, and I'm feeling as though all this positive karma is manifesting in this way. Thanks, friends. And, subsequently, thanks world.


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