Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Toast


How did we get here?

I feel like I was just at the beach, riding bikes down the Boardwalk. I'm not even sure where the fall went. There was running...there were a lot of Girl's Nights Out....some Book Club in there...I think I wrote a short story or two and about a thousand emails...

And now we're trying to plan New Year's Eve. The past year has been, well, full for lack of a better word. A little more pithy, I think then any of the years before it. And so, coming up on Thanksgiving Eve (truly on of the best nights of the year: like the ultimate Thursday Night as it combines all the fun and anticipation not only of the first official 4-day weekend of the entire year but of the holiday season in aggregate) I have a hell of a lot to be thankful for.

The foundational stuff- my family, my health, my general well-being. All of that, never to be taken for granted.

But this year, I owe a great deal of thanktitude to my friends. While they have always been everything to me, in the past year they have become even more than that. They have become second family, they have started to chart the course of my future, and there are some that have been woven in my fabric for so many years that their presence is just a part of who I am at this point.

So...cheers, friends. This year, I raise my glass(es; let's be forthcoming, here) to (and with) you. For all you are, all you do, and how many times I come dangerously close to leaking bodily fluids because of how hard you make me laugh.

I saw this toast written as part of a Grey Goose ad in my New Yorker last week, and found it very apt:

A Toast

to nearest

to dearest

to the crew

to cahoots

to the ones who've been there

to the ones who'll be there

to dropping everything

to saying anything

to no judgements

to no doubts

to loyalty

to trust

to favors

to lifelongs

to been too long

to nothing's changed

to having history

to having your back

to moving away

to never too far

to growing up

to settling down

to your second family

to friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Eat, drink, and be oh-so-thankfully merry.

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