Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday, Races, and On Being Plugged In

My mom told me I need to update my blog.

Thanks, Mom.

So, I know I made tall promises about blogging more often but then, you know, my birthday week happened and pretty much everything shifted to unimportant as I rang in 29. It was a delightful birthday week. Dinner at the Prime Rib; kayaking with Josh, Lee, and all significant others; a crab feast following said adventure; and then karaoke where Joel serenaded me with Billy Joel's Vienna. A week later, dinner with the family. So many birthday activities did I have, in fact, that my boyfriend asked if perhaps we had segued from celebrating my 29th to pre-gaming for my 30th. Har.

I got two very exciting new toys for my birthday: a gorgeous digital camera to replace the old one that had decided to take only blurry pictures and was causing large amounts of frustration for me, and a new phone. The new phone brought me out of the Zack Morris Era and into the Droid renaissance. I can Facebook, tweet, blog, Foursquare, Google shop, Groove Shark, Pandora, and participate in a variety of other dangerous social media activities from wherever, whenever.

Watch out, world.

So, with my new toys, look for more updates. I really have no excuses now. I could blog on the Circulator, tweet from the gym. I am Connected.

In other news, picked up my race number and timing chip for the Survivor Harbor 7 tomorrow morning. A 7-mile race will be my longest to-date, and I'm a little nervous about it, mostly because it's "only" supposed to be 92 degrees tomorrow. I hate running in the heat. I just wilt. I will say, however, that any race that includes $10-for-an-hour-of-open-bar at packet pick-up is one I want to run.

In other news, now that the ridiculousness of March-April-May is over, I am ready for some downtime this summer. I feel as though from St. Patrick's Day to Vegas to Snap's wedding to my birthday, it's just been a non-stop flood of events. Spring always seems to be that way, though.

And now, thanks to technology, I can attempt to be much better at staying in touch.

You're welcome, Mom.

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