Sunday, December 18, 2011

48 Hours to Jordan...

Well, really more like...72. 48 hours until we leave, and then a solid 24 hours of traveling from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The itinerary has us flying to New York on Tuesday afternoon, and then from New York to Istanbul. We have a decent layover in Istanbul that leaves us with about 5-6 hours free (after arrival/customs/re-check in) with which to explore the city. From there, we fly to Amman, arriving Wednesday night (Amman time - Wednesday afternoon EST).

I've dealt with jeg lag before, and the biggest time frame I've had to combat is +6 hours when I went to Italy. Turkey and Jordan are both only +7 hours, but the killer here is the travel times - leaving Tuesday afternoon and arriving in Istanbul at what will feel like about 2:30 in the morning, having to spend the next 7-8 hours awake as we tour Istanbul, check back into the airport, and then fly to Amman. The plus side is that we'll get to Amman in the evening on Wednesday and hopefully just want to pass out at the hotel, giving us a fresh start on Thursday.

The other clincher here is that we're only gone for a week, so I have a feeling that as soon as we adjust to the time change, it'll be time to come back.

And these are the biggest problems I have to ponder at this moment. That, and wondering what to wear. Currently my room looks as though there were forty people standing in it during a Rapture. There are full outfits draped over every available space, and mapped out on the floor. Because when you travel, you have to take the entire outfit into consideration.


I digress. The most important items, however are packed:

Passport? Check.

International Driver's license? Check.

Journal? Check.

Tina Fey? Check.

Good to go.

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