Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Friends Are Awesome

Legs is not the only one sprouting creative all over the web these days. It seems several of my friends are doing some pretty amazing things - from cooking to fashion to devotion to gratitude. I proud of all of them for taking these leaps, and highly recommend that you check them out:

Meet Kat, my former yoga/weight training instructor at my old gym, fellow bartender, and amazing writer friend. I find myself confessing lots of things to her and wanting to hug her all the time. She's my white Oprah. Right now, she's launched a 21-day Gratitude Project, which is pretty impressive. I always forget to be grateful for things. Unless it's yoga pants. I'm usually pretty grateful for those.

Meet Katie, a friend of mine from Girl Scouts/middle school/high school/college (we've known each other for a little while) that lives here in Baltimore and with whom I have recently reconnected. She is always awesomely dressed. She was sporting very fetching accessories during the St. Patrick's Day 5k last Sunday - the only runner in Kate Spade earrings, I'd wager. She's also hilarious. Her "I Love It, Now What?!" posts are excellent tips for wearing super fashionable items.

Meet Sweet Potato and Spice, another lass that I came up with in Annapolis and recently reconnected with here in Baltimore. She's really smart and does things that involve science for a living, but she's also apparently pretty wicked in the kitchen. Pumpkin black bean burgers sound good to me!

Great job, girls, way to keep blogging alive!

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thefussybritches said...

Thanks for all the recognition on your blog!! I will be sure to check out the rest of the blogs you mentioned.