Friday, March 22, 2013


Fist pump! White-girl holler! We're going on Spring Break, bitcheessss!

The Gentleman is in town, and we have already had sushi, Indian, and our favorite martinis. Tomorrow, we leave for the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. I have never been to New Mexico, and pretty much everything I know about it comes from watching Breaking Bad and reading Tiger Eyes. I imagine lots of canyons, nuclear warfare, turquoise jewelry, and meth. The Gentleman assures me that it also has excellent (and spicy!) food, beautiful scenery, lots of Native American culture, and that the meth and nuclear activity is not usually something viewed by tourists. I believe him because he grew up in Albuquerque and might know what he is talking about.

We are spending a few days with his family and then heading to Cancun for the remainder of the week. I have much book reading and podcast listening to catch up on, and after this nasty and bitterly cold winter, I can think of nothing better than parking myself on the beach for a week. I'm hoping we'll get in some good snorkeling too. Despite the fact that I have a very real and overwhelming fear of open water, I do love snorkeling. I just can't think too much about it. 

And, mostly, I am happy to spend time with my lovely boyfriend who would probably take a shark bite for me and refills my drinks without me even having to ask (sometimes). 

When I return, there shall be photos and stories to share. And probably some radiating sunburn.

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