Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cancun, MX - Grub

My dad tells me I'm in trouble because he added my blog to his iPhone's feed, and there haven't been any new posts in a really long time. Oops.

The past few weeks have been seriously busy, with the highlights being my first attempt at air yoga and my 31st birthday. (That is not me performing the air yoga, by the way. My attempt was much less graceful. I got stuck upside down at one point, and my friend Emily had to untangle me. But I did not, as I feared, hang or otherwise fatally injure myself, so I declared the whole thing a success and signed up for three more classes.)

But let's get back into the swing of things (no air yoga reference intended) and talk about all the delicious crap I ate whilst on SPRING BREAK in Mexico

We stayed at the lovely Dreams Cancun resort, and don't believe any lies that people tell you about the dangers of "all inclusive." We've stayed at Dreams both in Mexico and in the Dominican, and both had exquisite food choices, especially when it comes to fish and produce. 

This is a terrible picture, but I needed to include it because this phenomenon was both frightening and life-changing to sample. This is octopus tartare, and it's ridiculously delicious. I was a little skeptical about it, because I mostly hate octopus sushi because of the consistency, but this little pile of deliciousness was perfectly tender. 
 I think I may have mentioned before how much I love breakfast/brunch, and most especially breakfast/brunch in other countries. They just do it right, you know? There's no tomfoolery, there's no "Oh, here are some runny scrambled eggs and some dry crackery toast and some burnt-up bacon." Which is shameful. SHAMEFUL. No, other countries proudly incorporate all kinds of deliciousness into breakfast, including food items usually intended for other mealtimes. Like beans.

Or sauteed cactus to put on top of your eggs:
And papaya, and grilled tomato, and bacon-done-right, and ham, and beans, and spicy sauces. Yum.
This is pico de gallo and vegetable chips and I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME make this picture behave normally despite the fact that I've reformatted it 7,000 times. ANYWAY IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Snail ceviche - amazing. I've had escargot before, but never in a ceviche-style. It was bright, citrusy, and had that rich, snail-like taste that's less garden and more ocean. 

Al fresco dining might also be one of my favorite things. I have a lot of favorite things.

Shrrrrrimp tacos!

Ridiculously fresh salmon with couscous and some sort of light, citrusy barbecue sauce. 

Avocado and hearts of palm salad for an appetizer. Only I ate it, because The Gentleman is deathly allergic to avocados. This is no lie. 

This is not a food item, but lemme tell you a little bit about this - it's half a cerveza and half a Bloody Mary. That sounds really, really weird, I know - but, believe me, it's kind of really delicious. Refreshing, even. Also, "Klamato juice" is not the same thing as "Clamato juice," so you shouldn't be worried when they tell you that they don't have any Bloody Mary mix and will be mixing your vodka and beer with clam juice. Klamato juice is basically V-8. I can't find any evidence of this online, but I assure you - no clams were utilized in the making of Klamato juice. It's allllll veg. 

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