Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back State-side

So, I'm two days back in the States from almost two weeks in the United Arab Emirates. Great trip - there was paddle boarding, indoor snow skiing in a mall, outdoor jet skiing on the Gulf, a spin class with a lovely New Zealand instructor, sushi, hummus, a pub quiz night, and a weekend in Dubai with friends that culminated in....wait for it....reverent hush.... Florence + the Machine. Live, at Sandance at the Atlantis.

What's the Atlantis? 

This. It's this. It's ridiculous and opulent and amazing and they had a very large concert called Sandance last weekend, and I WENT TO IT. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

But, le sigh, after a lovely two weeks with my boyfriend, I boarded a 14-hour flight direct from Abu Dhabi to Dulles (shared with a lovely man called Sayed from Pakistan and two very non-English-speaking Indian ladies), and I am now back in Baltimore and laid up with a sinus infection.

I have loads of photos to share, as well as fun stories, tons of food porn, and recommendations if you find yourself headed very far Easterly to the Persian Gulf coast. But, for now, it's tea with honey, soup, and finishing up House of Cards on Netflix. 

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