Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Home!!

The cats and I aren't the only ones with a new home - I am currently working on a brand new layout and host for Details TBA soon!

It's gonna be so amazing.

In other news: House of Cards whaaaaaaaaat?! We're almost finished Season 2, although Netflix tells us that 3% of its users completed the first season within like 48  hours of release or something ridiculous.

In other news: tickets procured for Macklemore/Ryan Lewis in April and Justin Timberlake in May! 

In other news: I will not be getting up at 2:30am to watch The Oscars live, but I will be attending a get-together tomorrow evening for the recast at 7:30pm. I wish I could say I'd stay off of social media until then, but that's just silly.

Off to pick up probiotics and get new tires for the Jeep. Another exciting day in the life of an ex-pat. I may even go on an adventure to find color balancing shampoo for blondes!

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