Friday, March 14, 2014

Under Construction

After nearly six years of residence here at blogger, I will be moving the blog over to Wordpress. I don't have any technical complaints about blogger, except that I have exhausted what I'm able to do graphics-wise and found more options over at Wordpress.

Along with this move, my aim is to bring the blog back to its original intended use - as a way to work on my writing. Over the years, this has morphed into various different outlets, serving as a networking site, a travel blog, and a place to post my photography. But one of my primary goals in this new phase of my life is to get back to the thing I love the most - writing - and to work diligently at it to make it better, sharper, and smarter.

What has resulted is The Letters Project, a series of letters written to an undisclosed recipient. My hope is that this project will continue to grow and morph and attract it's own following, but still retain the faithful readers (mostly my parents and a few friends) who still come to to keep in touch. I hope that this new project takes me back to my roots as a blogger and not further away.

Thanks for bearing with me through all of the metamorphoses of this blog, and stay tuned as I work through the details of set-up. Eventually I will redirect my domain name,, to land on the wordpress site but I am waiting until I have everything tightened up over there and ready to go. This site via blogger will still be available through its own domain name, but my work will continue at the wordpress site. 

In the meantime, you can check out the construction and early pieces of The Letters Project here

Happy reading!

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