Thursday, March 18, 2010

And A Little Fun Too

Burn-out is imminent, as it's Day Four and I spent the entire day up on scaffolding and ladders painting trim in the sun. I'm entirely happy with this job assignment as it:
a.) does not involve measuring, math, or numbers of any kind
b.) is a bit mindless in the sense that the hands can be busy while the mind gets to wander, which is my favorite type of job
c.) is the type of job where, although it is minute, progress is visible.

However, I'm beyond exhausted, dusty, achy, sweaty, and gritty so in lieu of deep introspection and blogging or attempting to post more photos, I will be taking my daiquiri pool-side for a bit. I am endlessly thankful that:
a.) New Orleans has establishments that sell To Go daiquiris
b.) the hotel has a pool
c.) lists are in existence, because they are an excellent way to organize my tired thoughts.

Bowling tonight with a live zydeco band (syntax clarification- the band will be playing their instruments live, not bowling with us), and up early again tomorrow for another day of trim work up on shaky extension ladders and scaffolds in the sunshine.

Progress is being made, morale is high, and the pool is calling.

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