Friday, February 18, 2011


A brief scroll through Facebook and Twitter tells me that everyone seemed to have trouble sleeping last night. Lot of 3 and 4am posts about insomnia from all corners of the earth.

I blame this.

The whole energy of the world seems off this week, with a lot of tension and uprising visible in everything from strangers bumping angrily into one another on the sidewalks to violent protests in Yemen. Seems too convenient to blame all of this on solar energy, but it does give one a little peace of mind to think that if something is causing all of this worldwide anxiety than at some point it will pass, if that makes sense.

On another note, this random February spring has left me feeling buoyant enough to start hoping for real spring. I took a leap of faith and didn't wear socks today, and the delicious, forbidden feeling of a sockless day in February is just downright exotic.

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