Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Curry

Week One of Half-Marathon training complete. Logged 14 miles overall and an hour of weight training. Pretty light to start, but it only goes up from here. I am still holding onto my "how to eat an elephant" mentality of one thing at a time. Gazing overly long at the training schedule in its entirety causes immediate fatigue. Best to avoid fatigue when one is training for an athletic event.

In other news, I successfully made pulled BBQ chicken this weekend for Josh, Lee, and Lee's fiance. (She reads my blog and really, at this point, is quite deserving of her own nickname. Except that I really just want to call her Hot Curry. Which she might find hilarious. Or blatantly annoying, one or the other. I should probably give credit to her accomplishments and soon call her "Doc." But that sounds butch. I dunno. This might be an ongoing campaign: procure handle for Lee's fiance.) The evening was quite fun and evolved (or devolved, in some cases) into a very abstract and poignant game of Scattegories. The funniest bits, naturally, cannot be rewritten here as our senses of humor can be somewhat less than politically correct and substantially fortified by bathroom humor.

I actually managed to document the cooking of the chicken and will be posting delicious photos this week. This is part of my campaign to regularly use my fabulous birthday gift from my parents: a new camera.

On the docket this week: 21 miles to run, 6 of which will be done during a night race on Saturday. The NCR's annual Full Moon Run, done entirely under the cover of darkness. I am extremely hopeful that I will not trip and bring down the boyfriend, Cool Runnings-style. Or any of the other runners, of course. But mostly him, because I have to drive home in the car with him.

Also, it's Restaurant Week. Happened into it last night at Aldo's in Little Italy, and enjoyed a three-course meal of Italian Summer Salad (tomatoes, cukes, onions, and basil in a balsamic drizzle with thick brown bread), rib eye grilled in black truffle oil, and a berry panacotta. Delicious.

Photos of culinary adventures to come soon.


Hot Curry said...

Yessss. I vote for "Hot Curry" over "Doc," and over just plain "Curry" which I get called as well.

Hot Curry said...

I vote for "Hot Curry" over "Doc" any day... plus it's better than just plain "Curry" which I've also been called.

The New Glitterati said...