Monday, January 23, 2012

Eating My Way Through Baltimore

Ah, so, time's gotten away from me again. No sooner did I finally shake The Plague that my regularly-scheduled craziness resurfaced. Shocking.

To tide you over until my next post, which will be about the majesty that is Petra, por vous:

One of those two pictures features The Gentleman. I'll let you decide which one. Hint: he's super handsome and wearing light brown.

Post coming soon, I promise.

In other news: it's Restaurant Week here in Baltimore, that delicious time that comes twice a year (Summer and Winter). I've already hit up La Tasca, and will be dining at Ten Ten with Book Club and B&O Brasserie with The Gentleman & friends later this week. It's a good thing this Restaurant Week times perfectly with half-marathon training. Because I will be eating my face off. And loving it.

This coming weekend is a wine tour of Maryland vineyards to celebrate The Gentleman's birthday. Party bus, whaaaat?! We did this a few years ago for Catalano's birthday, and it was quite the success. I, for one, am psyched and have fingers crossed that it doesn't snow.

So in the meantime, it's work, trivia, running, more work, and eating. Lots of eating. January is not treating me particularly well so far in the sense that it seems once I finally started feeling better from being sick, I got struck with that gross lethargy that accompanies cold, dreary weather and short days with long nights. All I want to do, it seems, is be sick all the time. And by that, I mean lie in bed for hours on end watching reality television, never changing out of sweatpants, and subsisting on hot food items like Amy's organic soup and tea.  But, unfortunately, I had to get all healthy again, and then one has no excuse not to get out in the world and act like a productive human being. What a drag.

I will self-medicate with delicious Baltimore eats and a wine tour. I think that's just the thing.

And I promise I shall post pictures of Petra soon, along with a write-up. I mean, it's where Indiana Jones was filmed. Be excited.

Smooches, Glitteratis.

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