Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Month

One month gone since The Gentleman moved to the Middle East. Actually, specifically, one month and one day. But who's counting?!

I am.

The good news is, my flight to Abu Dhabi is booked. Ten days' vacation, leaving October 31 and flying through Boston and Heathrow. Nearly 24 hours of travel. Better stock the iPad Kindle app!

So what has been going on this past month?

Well, there was the Cardio Challenge, which gave way to the start of half marathon training. Two weeks into training now, and I'm bored as hell without my running partner. I'm resorting to watching Breaking Bad at the gym and downloading podcasts for long, outdoor runs. I'm used to gossiping with The Gentleman. I'm also used to him telling me to straighten out my shoulders and stop slouching when I run. 

I need to have that spliced into my podcasts. Like, once every five minutes, the presenter will pause, and say:


And then I'll get mad, and tell the presenter to mind his own business, but secretly love the presenter a little bit more for trying to make me a better person. I mean, runner. 

Then there has been the Writing Challenge, which I'm doing with Lee. The first week was awesome. We were all killing it, with our forty minutes a day. Feeling like gangsta writing geniuses with our badass prose and killer deadlines. Writing was AWESOME last week!

And then this week. This week is like, "OK, I just can't do it. I can't. I'll do double tomorrow, I promise."

And - "OK, I did it, but it was horrible."

Apparently writing is hard.

So, there's half marathon training, and writing, and regular work going on. That's about 11-12 hours of the day. Then, 8 hours of sleeping. Which leaves approximately 4-5 hours of unrestricted time per day.

I shouldn't say "unrestricted," because that time has been for writing trivia, catching up on Breaking Bad and Mad Men, doing my Lolo Jones core workout on a yoga mat in my room-

-seriously, there are few things in this world I covet like her abs.



I digress.

- and then there's doing my nails, and Furminating my cats, and vision boarding, and cooking sprouted quinoa in different ways because I bought a big-ass bag of it and need to use it up.

I know, my life is enthralling.

So, basically it's been all of this self-improvement in the last month. I don't have Lolo's abs yet, and I have a crappy first draft that's about fifty pages of complete and total awfulness, but my room is really clean and my nails are shaped nicely. And the cats are de-furred. 

My aunt pointed out that there are only 1,872 hours to go until my flight to Abu Dhabi. This is enough time to train for and run another half marathon, attend two weddings, go to California for a long weekend, write about a hundred more pages, do 35 Lolo Jones abs workouts, and Furminate the cats 13 more times.

All of which I intend to do. 

So, you see, I'm keeping busy.

Keep on keeping on.

75 days until these kinds of breakfasts again. I can't wait.
Oh yes, and hanging out with The Gentleman for 10 days. That too.

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