Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Westward HO!

I'm heading westward in a couple of days, to San Francisco, for Snikkers's wedding. I am flying into Atlanta and meeting a BFF, who will fly with me out to San Fran. If there's anything more awesome than a reunion aboard a flight, I'm not sure what it is.

And, last night, Snap became a mother to a baby boy. I will get to see this little peanut this weekend because, conveniently, she and her husband also live in San Francisco.

I am looking forward to stepping out of Baltimore, a change of scenery for the holiday weekend, and the company of close friends. 

It has been a long summer, and I, for one, am READY for fall. Mostly because my flight to Abu Dhabi is booked for October 31, and every time I see candy corn in CVS or a copy of Martha Stewart's Halloween I have a little mini party for myself.

But first - I have to go be a bridesmaid in a gorgeous wedding in San Francisco for my gorgeous friend who is marrying the love of her life. I have an awesome dress that I can't wait to wear again -

-and by the way? Kudos to this trend of brides letting bridesmaids pick their own dresses. I love it-

and we have trolley tours and picnics and champagne toasts and all of the things that make (San Franciscan) weddings fun.

In other news, the half marathon training continues, the writing continues (sort of), Betty Draper and I have gone on another ride, and I'm working my way through my most recent obsession - "Breaking Bad." The Gentleman is relieved that Ramadan is over. It's kind of surreal how, in the course of just a few months, your conversations have shifted from what restaurant to have dinner at on a Friday night to discussing whether or not it would be considered totally uncouth to be caught drinking water in public during daylight hours. (Answer: it is.)

And, for your entertainment, 

Me: Hurricane isaac damaged dominican and now headed to keys. It's destroying all of our vacation spots :( 7:44 PM
The Gentleman: you destroy everything you touch 7:50 PM


(I'm going to kick him when I see him. Lovingly.)

Also - The Gentleman's Roommate is pissed off that I refer to him as "The Gentleman's Roommate." So I need to think of a reference for him. So far, I've come up with this one: Kitten McSmartypants.

He's going to hate it. I'm so excited.

'K bye.


Hot Curry said...

I wish you were Westward Ho'in on over to SLC.

Anonymous said...

If its Tom you're talking about Then I think you should call him "Keys."


The New Glitterati said...