Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yay Area

Ah, crap.

So basically, I had a fan-freaking-tastic weekend out in San Fran. A little too good. In fact, I loved it so much that I miss it, right now. I somehow feel a little homesick for the city where I only spent about 72 hours.

The only thing I didn't love was the weather. It was cold. Like...jeans, long sleeves, fall jacket, scarf cold. Which was lovely after this sweltering Baltimore summer, but I could see how that would get old. A damp chill just sort of lingering over everything.

I guess I have to explore more of California. Right now, I think it's too soon to call. I mean, we just met. And I don't want to seem desperate. I'll give it some space and just see what happens. But seriously - if I don't hear from Cali within the year, I'll probably like...you know, maybe just stop by. Or linger somewhere nearby, like Oregon or the Pacific. Just close enough for it to notice me. Like, oh hey, California, I didn't know you'd be here too! Why yes, I definitely remember that fun weekend we had. Oh how funny, you were waiting for me to call you! This is going to be such a great story at our tenth anniversary.


So, the wedding was beautiful and fun, my bff's are beautiful and fun, and I even got lucky enough to snag an hour or two with Snap and Sweet-T and their awesome, awesome baby.

I am not, on the whole, a huge fan of babies in general.

I am, however, totally on board with babies that my friends have.

Also, I'm pretty sure I have never held a six-day-old human in my arms before. That was pretty rad. And yes, I totally did the whole - "LOOK AT THOSE TINY FINGERNAILS" bit. Because they are SO SMALL! I didn't know they made them that small.

Anyway, so, pictures to come soon as well as a creepy explanation of how I have been incorporating The Gentleman into all of my adventures as of late.

But I just wanna say that the older I get, the more I cry at weddings. I just do. I watch my best of best friends walk down aisles, looking the most beautiful (or handsome) they have ever looked. I remember the tears and heartaches they have been through, the awkward phases where we were all flat-broke with crappy jobs and not a clue. And then, I have the honor of standing next to them on the happiest most awesome day. It's every cliche, and it's true, and it's real.

OMG and then they have babies. And they are beautiful babies. Some of these babies are now walking, talking two-year-olds with your friend's eyes. It's so surreal and awesome.

And, in other news, it is SEPTEMBER! FINALLY! I am probably the only person on the East Coast who breathed a sigh of relief when Labor Day ended and it's finally no longer technically summer. That was a rough summer, no lie, and fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I have already begun buying pumpkin beer and stashing it away. Because the beer stores all start carrying it in late August, and then when October rolls around, they're out of it and putting out the winter ales. So I have to buy and stock up. PUMPKIN BEER FOR THE WIN.

Also, I need to write a blog about this conversation that Lee and I were having over email about litera-tooer vs. books. You know, like: Wuthering Heights in a cage match against Shopaholic. Who would win? I argue that it depends on the venue and the time of year. WH is totally going to win in the fall-winter seasons if backed by hot tea, and Shopaholic has the advantage if it's summer and at the beach.

That's gonna be a great blog entry, I think.


Stay tuned!


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