Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Longest. Like, Ever.

The Gentleman and I are in the midst of the longest we have ever been apart.

This fun marathon of long-distance comes courtesy the fact that we got really, really spoiled last spring/early summer, where - despite the fact that we live 7,500 miles apart - we got to see each other in March, April, May, AND June. It was a LOT of Transatlantic flights. And time changes. And foreign currency.

Currently, we are on Day 79 of an epic 115 days apart. Reunion commences next month at Dulles Airport, and from thence we shall do some fun things in Baltimore and then head to the West Coast.

There are a million moments when you think, "Wow, long distance really, really sucks." It happens when you're stuck in traffic, when you're surrounded by couples, when you're eating a really, really amazing steak and think, "He would so love a bite of this thing." It happens with the good - because you don't get to share it; and it happens with the bad - because you're dealing with shit alone.

The only time long distance doesn't totally and completely suck is the moment you're reunited. And then it's weird for about thirty minutes, like - oh, this person is holding my hand...oh, this person is - WAIT, OH MY GOD, IT'S YOU!! And then it's normal again and you're like, "What 115 days apart? That was nothing!"

I basically can't wait to get to that point.

Dulles is going to be so embarrassed. 

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