Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Gets in the Way

So, I haven't updated in awhile. This is probably not news to you.

I think every blogger goes through cycles of writing (well, every WRITER goes through cycles.) Jaunt, for example, has apparently been so busy since March 4, 2010 she has failed to update. Snap fell off the face of the earth when she moved to San Francisco in December 2009, as evidenced by her last blog posting.

Lee is usually pretty good about updating, and slyly threw into his latest post the fact that he is engaged.

Yes, that happened. Lee is engaged to a girl I once casually referred to as "some med student," except she's not a med student at all, but some sort of....microbiologist? Neurologist? Lobotomist? I think I will settle for "Science-ologist." NOT to be confused with a "Scientologist," because she is not. But, rather, my invented term, "Science-ologist," for people who are smart, wear lab coats, do experiments, and know things like "science," and "math," and "facts."

I am happy to say that I had a hand in introducing Lee to his fiance (technically, they met through trivia, but another friend and I set them up at a party in the fall of 2009) and even happier to say that I think she's completely awesome.

I've digressed here.

None of this has anything to do with my lack of updating, except to say that I've been busy. In my attempt to fight off the usual winter lag that takes over me this time of year, I've made sure to draw the distinction between "down time" and "I've-been-on-the-couch-for-three-days-under-a-pile-of-blankets time." It's easy to fall into that mindset in winter, I've found.

So, instead, it's been all maintenance runs and cooking dinners for friends and work these days. Which is just fine by me. The weather outside is frightful- keeping busy is so delightful. Ugh. I just said that.

Is it spring yet? No? OK, then I've got to fill up my schedule until it's time to go kayaking again.


Angy said...

I think YOU are completely awesome. Let's get together sometime soon and beat Mike at Liebrary? I'll sext you about it.

The New Glitterati said...

I eagerly await your sext.