Thursday, July 5, 2012

Was That a Holiday?

In the throes of a heat wave, the 4th didn't feel so festive on a Wednesday this year. But we still had a good time with The Gentleman's visiting family on some friends' deck with the best view of the Inner Harbor fireworks I've ever seen.

The temps are threatening to push up into the 109's. The 109's, ya'll. Bawlmer be melting. But tonight...there is a random hot breeze pushing clouds around in a vaguely threatening way. Every time I think it's about to storm its head doesn't. Standing on my deck this evening, I discovered that if you look one way, the storm looms dark and forebearing. A complete 180 and the sun was sending ACTUAL RAYS OF LIGHT into this brilliant sunset. My trusty HTC phone camera caught both views:

Impending doom.

Not impending doom.
 No, but seriously, all I want to do is eat foods that are at least 85% water, and spend my days in darkened rooms with AC thinking about things floes. And Orbitz gum.


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