Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To Pass The Time

28 days, oh boy!

I just said "oh boy."


So, there are many ways to keep yourself occupied if you are trying to pass the time. "Hoarders" is an excellent choice, but only for a little while. 

Watching too much "Hoarders" can actually lead to feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia.

I know this to be a fact from personal experience.

So, there are many productive things you can do to pass the time. You can train for a half marathon. (Almost done.) You can go back to school to take a class. (Just started that this week.) You can buy lots of Groupons, like bikram yoga classes and horseback riding (done and done - and now I'm poor.) 

Here are some other activities you can do:

You can go to the Baltimore Book Festival. They have lots of books and things about Witchcraft and Lhasa Apsos. As you can see.

They also sell things like Bloody Marys. As you can see.

Another fun way to pass the time is to invest in a craft. Crafts are usually the most fun if you pair them with other activities, like wine and/or beer drinking and watching all of the "Twilight" movies. My buddy Jenn from over at The Cheap Luxury is working with me on a t-shirt quilt so I can finally do something with all of those t-shirts I never wear but can't bear to throw out. She is very crafty. Also, you should check out her blog because she's hilarious and does things with me like watch "Twilight" and drink and make things.

Soooooooooooooo also in upcoming events are some parties, a wedding, probably some more Sunday Funday crafts. 

Oh yeah, and my third half marathon. That too. I keep forgetting about that damn thing. That's probably bad, right?

But, yes, 28 days! That's like...a stint in rehab! Bad comparison?


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