Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Oh em gee...

So, last weekend was Legs's wedding. It was pretty spectacular and awesome, not to mention delicious. I missed The Gentleman as my date (he had to fly back to the land of sand the morning prior), but I took The Gentleman's Roommate - excuse me - KEYS. His name is Keys because I refused to call him by his preferred name (Boo Boo Kitty Expletive) and also because he once wandered into a bar trying to find me, because I had his keys (long story) and walked right up to Mrs. Spaz and yelled "KEYS?!" in an attempt to articulate his need. 

Keys. Heh. He's gonna hate it. That makes me so happy.

Anyway, so Keys and I had a grand old time. He wasn't specifically my date, per say, since his roommate is the bride's brother, but he was excellent nonetheless. I never had an empty drink, he carefully put my shoes under my chair when I decided I didn't need them anymore, and he let me use his jacket when my makeup started melting off my face from too much party-girl dancing.

Anyhoodle, so I had a nice little talk with Jenn  about blog layouts and realized that mine is...rather horrible. Which is hilarious, because in real career life I am responsible for the social media presence of a nonprofit. But I think that's the adage, no? A social media strategist's own profiles are never shod....or...something.

No, but seriously. I spend a good part of the day staring at InDesign and cleaning up design and then I come home, and this site just serves as the little box on the page for my cathartic word vomit. I'm a person who loves beautiful things and seeks stylized versions of everything, but when it comes to my own blog, I'm just plain lazy.

So, I'm contemplating a move from Blogger to another platform...Weebly, perhaps. I've worked with Wordpress and I'm not totally enamored, but I think I just haven't spent enough time exploring all the options. Either way, I think it might be time to move away from a blog-format to actually building my own damn website and hosting it off of something other than Blogger.

I can already see where this is headed: it's going right down the glorious road of I'M GONNA WRITE A BOOK! world of long-term projects.

Anyhoodle...any of my blog friends have any input on how to make a text-heavy site visually appealing? Sans vs. serif? Black text on white or vice versa? What'choo guys wanna see? You just let me know.

Also - 8 days until Abu Dhabi. Holy crap - that's less than 10. And also awesome.

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Lee said...

I prefer black text on white when you're dealing with text-heavy stuff. Like your new design. I am also pro serifs.

Are you selling adds, by the way? That's awesome. Are you getting super rich? Can you buy me a new car?